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Equoclima is a young company, which has been working in the air conditioning field for many years, offering heating and cooling solutions.

We are specialized in the production of radiant systems, unique in the world: products that are patented and manufactured entirely in Italy.

Since the beginning, our approach has combined innovation and tradition; we use consolidated techniques and knowledge, which are renewed thanks to the use of new technologies and constant research.

Founded in Italy, after development and growth Equoclima reaches out to international markets: the company is currently developing its business in Kazakhstan and United Arab Emirates, while in Canada Equoclima radiant systems have already achieved great success.

Through these years, the company’s mission has always been the same: to export the Made in Italy in the world, thanks to solid experience, good quality of work and Italian technology.

Savings and energy efficiency, comfort and health: these are the main features of our products and our work. Equoclima heating baseboards and cooling strips offer a wide range of benefits and services.

On one hand, the heating system with radiant baseboard heats the environment, spreading through radiation a constant and homogeneous temperature. This allows to eliminate micro powders, ensuring a clean and healthy environment.

Energy and water savings go hand in hand: 8 litres of water are enough to heat a room of 100 square meters.

The materials we use and the shape of the profile allow us to have great energy yields, higher than the competition.

On the other, the cooling system, unique in the world, cools the walls in uniform and constant way, spreading an immediate cooling feeling throughout the room, maintaining a constant humidity between 50% and 60%.

The strip cools without making any noise and, above all, without creating air movement, microbiological or chemical contamination loads in the air, thus ensuring a healthy environment, without sudden temperature changes.

Last, but not least, we care about aesthetics: Equoclima products are ideal for all types of environment, new or refurbished, private or public buildings, including spaces for fine arts. The products are easy to install, as they don’t need masonry works. Design is customizable according to the client’s needs, in order to build and install a product that is well suited to the environment in which it is placed, combining functionality, performance and aesthetics.

Because we know, visual impressions are important too.

In short, Equoclima products offer advantageous solutions for health, environment, aesthetics and also for your wallet, ensuring high yields and performances, at affordable prices.


  • Constant temperature from the bottom to the top of the room, radiated homogeneously in the room, eliminating thermal bridges and maintaining humidity between 50% and 60%
  • Low water content: 8 liters (23,5 galUS) of water are enough to heat a space of 100 sqm (1076,4 square feet).
  • Elimination of mold and micro powders, ensuring and maintaining the environment clean and healthy
  • Possibility of customization choosing from a range of products designed to meet all different aesthetic needs

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  • A system that cools the air in a healthy and homogeneous way, the system is ideal in all periods of the year
  • Lack of ventilation and noise: the system noiselessly cools the environment, contrary to the traditional air-conditioning systems
  • Quick and easy installation with the possibility of customization
  • Healthy environment: the cooling unit does not create microbiological contamination and ensures an uniform temperature in the environment
  • The cooling system maintains constant humidity in the environment (between 40 and 60%) in a natural way, without the use of dehumidifiers

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