An innovative heating system with radiant baseboard

  • Easy installation
  • High heat radiation
  • Energy saving
  • Possibility to connect the baseboard to different energy sources
  • Possibility of electric functioning through resistance
How it works
The heating system with radiant baseboard heats the wall on which it is mounted, making it a source of energy able to spread the heat in the whole environment. The heated water flows through high-induction pipes, the air is heated and released from a duct on the top of the coating. By rising, the air warms up the wall, spreading the heat (through radiation) homogeneously throughout the whole room. The heating system is applied as an external baseboard or flushmounted to the wall.
  • Constant temperature from the bottom to the top of the room, radiated homogeneously in the room, eliminating thermal bridges and maintaining humidity between 50% and 60%
  • Low water content: 8 liters (23,5 galUS) of water are enough to heat a space of 100 sqm (1076,4 square feet).
  • Elimination of mold and micro powders, ensuring and maintaining the environment clean and healthy
  • Possibility of customization choosing from a range of products designed to meet all different aesthetic needs


Radiant cooling is felt as both natural and beneficial. A ceiling-mounted strip is so perfectly integrated in the room design style that it is hardly distinguishable from other furnishings.

Cool air is noiselessly released all over the room so to provide its occupants with excellent thermal comfort. The Equoclima cooling system is extremely healthy and efficient since no air movement nor microbiological and chemical contamination loads are felt owing to the constant temperature rate being kept in the room.

This is the only radiant cooling system in the World that needs no dehumidifier.


Energy consumption

Energy consumption reduction is guaranteed thanks to a constant range of humidity kept in the rooms.


Healthiness is guaranteed: no microbiological and chemical contamination loads are favored owing to the constant temperature rate being kept in the room.

Aesthetically functional

The perfect solution for newly build or restored buildings, whether private or public. Particularly suitable for home with different types of insulation.
It is easy to install and harmoniously blends into the room thanks to the ceiling mount that does not take up extra space.
Maintenance is easy and limited to those checks required by the law.
No need to break the walls to install it.


Easy to use and fast to set
It cools noiselessly unlike conventional air conditioning and ventilation systems.


Delivery tube water temperature 30 °C
86 °F
35 °C
95 °F
40 °C
104 °F
45 °C
113 °F
50 °C
122 °F
55 °C
131 °F
60 °C
140 °F
70 °C
158 °F
Unilateral System:
power per linear meter (feet)
87 W
297 BTU/h
98 W
334,6 BTU/h
109 W
372,1 BTU/h
130 W
443,8 BTU/h
152 W
518,9 BTU/h
174 W
594 BTU/h
196 W
669,1 BTU/h
240 W
819,4 BTU/h
Bilateral System:
power per linear meter (feet)
89 W
303,8 BTU/h
110 W
375,5 BTU/h
132 W
450,7 BTU/h
154 W
525,8 BTU/h
176 W
600,9 BTU/h
198 W
676 BTU/h
220 W
751,1 BTU/h
263 W
897,9 BTU/h
Fully operating temperature range 40 °C
104 °F
50 °C
122 °F
Delivery and return temperature difference (spread) ∆T 5 °C
41 °F
Electrical system: power per linear meter (feet) 200 W
682,8 BTU/h


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