Equoclima creates solutions and provides high quality services for any type of building, whether private or public, ranging from homes to office building, from tourist resorts and hotels to headquarters and organizations thanks to its extremely high quality products.

Reliability and competence, achieved through the most advanced production technologies with a keen eye on the environment, are peculiar to Equoclima.

Equoclima provides a customized design service with the aim of guaranteeing the best solutions as to the type of building the radiant system will be installed in.


Equoclima is the perfect solution for heating or cooling your home thanks to an easy choice of suitable and comfortable solutions in terms of room conditioning.

The solutions we offer are meant for both newly constructed and restored buildings thanks to our strip and baseboard systems that perfectly blend into the room style.

Particularly suitable for homes with different types of insulation.


Equoclima designs and restores the heating and cooling systems of hotels, apartment hotels, resorts, catering and fast food restaurants.

Ours are the best solution for blending outdated systems with the newest heating and cooling ones by thwarting thermal dispersion so to make all customers feel perfectly comfortable no matter the season.


Equoclima is a trusted partner for hospitals and healthcare facilities.

Equoclima proposes suitable solutions for heating and cooling hospital buildings and rooms, places where it is essential to check temperature and humidity indicators, to ensure and maintain a clean and healthy environment.


Equoclima is the perfect solution for heating and cooling large spaces easily affected by climatic changes as museums and churches are.  Humidity elimination and a constant temperature range are the Equoclima systems’ goal, which makes us the best choice for the preservation of artworks. 

Needless to say that all Equoclima systems are noiseless and perfectly suitable for any place of worship.


Equoclima products are perfect also for heating and cooling large spaces such as gyms and halls.

The Equoclima systems allow to control temperature and humidity, fighting the formation of mold and micro powders, to ensure a healthy and clean environment.


Equoclima is a reliable partner of public and private buildings constructors, being able to address the air conditioning needs of large public buildings such as offices, hospitals, schools, gyms, meeting and conference rooms.

Equoclima is fully compliant with all current security regulations and guidelines so to guarantee both energy and money savings, which are remarkably important for the civil service as well as the organizations willing to curb spending and enhance sustainability by dramatically reducing their environmental impact.


Equoclima also cares a lot for small or big office buildings such as shops, banks, concessionary firms, and shopping centers for which it guarantees an outstanding room conditioning performance with an eye to style too.

All Equoclima systems are remarkably suitable for heating or cooling large rooms, by thwarting thermal dispersion thanks to a flexible system that harmoniously conforms to the building in which it is installed.


Download Manual


Download Manual

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